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Umzug ins Deutschland (Moving to Germany)

Submitted by Nahuel on Sat, 09/10/2016 - 10:26

We do live in post-Snowden Internet, denying it would be childish. And mean while the real heroes build the next generation of internet, we —the current web developers & sysadmins– have to take measures to protect our user data now.

My fist paid server —on the previous century— was with cihost on US, since then I got used to rely on US based free and paid internet services, and even kind looked up the "Silicon Valley" culture. But that so pre-Snowden. Around a year ago I started abandoning that ship moving my primary email from gmail to fastmail, an Australia based and privacy friendly company who also accepts bitcoin (I can't recommend them enough, they awesome). Same date, I started to play with for other reasons.

Few weeks ago, I read on blog, how Microsoft was licensing Azure to T-Systems, whom data centers and personnel are 100% German-owned and operated, and of course are located inside of Germany. That's pretty cool I thought. So I start the migration and setup.

I've already moved from Google Analitycs to Piwik, in order to don't leak user data trough metrics, just have to migrate it to platform. Then last step was to setup a let's encript's TSL certificate trough zerossl —hope eventually platform will have native support—.

So if you are reading me trough my site directly, you can be pretty sure no prying eyes are between us. Which is not only nice for my personal blog, but a trilling option which I'm proud to offer to my customers who value they user data privacy too.

As I'm also closing my last server on America, I toke the time create archives from old abandoned sites on that server:

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